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Exploring New Horizons

One thing leads to another and another and then a plan starts to take shape. Working to break out of some ruts in my personal activities I’m going to dust off my interest in Astronomy and throw in something completely new in small electronics starting with the Raspberry Pi. Where do I think this is going to take me, well here is the plan at the beginning.


  • Basic observing time, naked eye and binoculars to start
  • Deepen learning on the technical side of Astronomy
  • Telescope making
  • Location data, tracking mechanics
  • Digital imaging

 Raspberry Pi

  • Designing down to the hardware level
  • Nearly unknown field to explore
  • Making real world items
  • Exploring image processing with the Camera Module v2
  • Using Elixir through the Nerves Project


  • Posts here on Svbtl
  • Bits worth tweeting about
  • Projects to expose via GitHub

The loosely framed and poorly understood idea tying all

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Project: Web of Souls (Start)

 What’s in a Name?

Web of Souls is a game platform project. It is meant as a vehicle to learn
new technologies, provide a topic for writing, and code to publish while
having some fun. One of its core ideas is from the Well World Saga science
fiction novels by Jack Chalker and thus the hat tip in the project name to
his Well of Souls. That idea is having different worlds where the species
and environments varied yet they were all connected back at the well world.

 What is the project?

In descriptive form the project is to create a game engine/platform that is
open for others to create and play with. It is not a platform that requires
programming skills to use but rather one aimed at allowing anyone who wants
to design interactive places to do so. At the same time the code will be
published and open for developers to play with as well.

 What kind of game platform?

To start a game

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Code Mosaic

Complex systems are built from small bits of code that vary in size, shape and color placed over time into the application whole. This blog is dedicated to exploring the craft that is software development.

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