Exploring New Horizons

One thing leads to another and another and then a plan starts to take shape. Working to break out of some ruts in my personal activities I’m going to dust off my interest in Astronomy and throw in something completely new in small electronics starting with the Raspberry Pi. Where do I think this is going to take me, well here is the plan at the beginning.


 Raspberry Pi


The loosely framed and poorly understood idea tying all this together is what could I do related to astro imaging using hardware and software based on the small computer and camera options.

 Steps So Far

I have gathered up my physical and online Astronomy resources in preparation. Including binoculars, DSLR camera, tripod, compass and books as well as updated iPad applications and websites. There is such a great number of help options available these days, many more than when I was observing. While I did some telescope review as well that is for further down the road. I sold my old telescope many years ago when I found it would not work for astrophotography and I want to be sure I know what I need before going down that road again.

On the electronics front I have purchased the following CanaKit and Camera Module as well as supporting items of a Video Cable and USB Hub to get started. There are lots of resources to support the small computer work including a coworker recommended Hackaday and Adafruit as key beyond the RaspberryPi site.

This is the big weekend, have all the necessary components to start some exploration! Hope to post a summary by the end of the weekend.


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