Project: Web of Souls (Start)

 What’s in a Name?

Web of Souls is a game platform project. It is meant as a vehicle to learn
new technologies, provide a topic for writing, and code to publish while
having some fun. One of its core ideas is from the Well World Saga science
fiction novels by Jack Chalker and thus the hat tip in the project name to
his Well of Souls. That idea is having different worlds where the species
and environments varied yet they were all connected back at the well world.

 What is the project?

In descriptive form the project is to create a game engine/platform that is
open for others to create and play with. It is not a platform that requires
programming skills to use but rather one aimed at allowing anyone who wants
to design interactive places to do so. At the same time the code will be
published and open for developers to play with as well.

 What kind of game platform?

To start a game platform that supports places that operate with a system. This
is a rather meta way of saying it will support games that have a world or place
and some rules that govern what you can do there. An online role-playing game
is an excellent example and one of the primary game type targets. At the same
time the core capabilities are expected to be driven by declarative or data
driven setups to allow a wide variety of places to be created. Each of these
places can then be connected to each other much in the way one website can be
linked to another.

 Project Goals



The project is very ambitious in its goals and direction and should not be
taken too seriously. I hope it at least provides for some interesting
discussions and learning along the way.


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